This series has gained attention and support from DomestikaMetapurse, MoCDA, Vancouver Biennale 2020, EthDenver 2021 (featured artist) and more. 
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New Normality's NFTs have been listed on Rarible (1 to 9) , KnownOrigin (10 to 14) and Foundation.
Day 1
Curb your enthusiasm!
The walker
Responsible dance
State work
The new genius
Helping you
Beginning of 2020. Pandemic and global economic crisis. The world goes crazy.
December 14, 2020. All Google services have been down for an hour or so. The world goes crazy.
Don't panic, someone works for a better world.

Screenshot of the original YouTube error screen.
December 14, 2020.
How do you feel today?
Welcome, pandemials
The next
Pandemic christmas
New combat sport
Some sketches of upcoming pieces:

More in the gallery:

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